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The Value of Our Youth

The youth are like the hands and feet of the body. They are the strength of the Ummah. The world today represents the values of the youth of yesterday. Likewise, the world of tomorrow will represent the values of the youth of today. Many Sahabah of Rasulullah (Salallahu allayhi Wasallam) were youth who turned out to be guiding stars of the Ummah.


Mufti Saheb explained the challenges faced by the youth and the sensitivity in dealing with their challenges. Do we give the youth a stick or a lollipop? Mufti Saheb then urged the youth to be open to accept advises and to be cautious about ones company.



(Mufti Saheb delivered this Jumuah lecture in Masjidus Saliheen, Sherwood, Durban)


Stay Away from Zina

On 13\2015 Mufti Saheb delivered the Jumuah lecture in West Street Masjid, Durban. Mufti Saheb mentioned the outstanding features of Islam is when something is prohibited, all the avenues leading to that is also prohibited.  He presented some examples to explain that. Mufti Saheb then spoke about the avenues that lead to Zina. He stated butter next to a stove will melt. The place for butter is the fridge. When interacting with the opposite gender, one’s heart will surely melt like butter next to fire.


In abstaining from Zina, Mufti Saheb presented some heart rendering incidents. Lastly, Mufti Saheb spoke about chatting through mobile phones to the opposite gender which is also a type of Zina. Mufti Saheb cautioned husbands having multiple phones and having passwords creating suspicion in the wife. Suspicion is a sin, however, to give rise to suspicion is also a sin. Keep your phones open and let your wife monitor your phone. The openness and transparency is in keeping with trust between the spouses and defies the Nafs and Shaytaan.



Hazrat Mufti Ebrahim Desai Saheb Silsilah Ask Islaahi Question

Jumuah lecture of Mufti Ebrahim Desai | 13\2\2015

Jumuah lecture of Mufti Ebrahim Desai | 09\2015

10th Muharram

While we celebrate the victory of the liberation struggle of Musa (alayhi salam) against Firawn on the 10 Muharram, we should examine ourselves whether we have some qualities of Firawn in us.



Mufti Saheb pointed out that while many people condemn the western World, North America and Europe, we have to concede that these countries are more politically stable than most so called ‘Muslim’ countries. The political stability is due to them fulfilling the rights of their citizens while in the Middle Eastern countries, leaders use the resources for self-enrichment, oppress their citizens and deprive them of their rights. If anyone, Muslim or non-Muslim prospers in anything, that is due to them practicing on Haqq. Haqq even makes Non-Muslim prosper.



Mufti Saheb then spoke about the rights of creditors and rights of heirs. He then advised debtors to fulfill the rights of their creditors. Executors of an estate should wind the estate as soon as possible. Undue delay is also oppression.


Jumuah lecture of Mufti Ebrahim Desai | 31\10\2014


Jumuah lecture of Mufti Ebrahim Desai | 20\5\2014

Upbringing of Children

Jumuah lecture of Mufti Ebrahim Desai |04\3\2014

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